Cite de rencontre sex recontres libertines

cite de rencontre sex recontres libertines

Paris, France. Retrieve don 28 November 2015. This region was a stronghold of Jainism and Shaivism. Web 4 note 7 Contents Etymology edit Lingayatism is derived from the Sanskrit root linga (Shiva's mark) and suffix ayta. According to Jan Peter Schouten, this doctrine is philosophically rooted in the more ancient So'ham Sanskrit oneness mantra related to Shiva, and which means "I am He". Web 9 Lingayats claim that Veerashaivas do not truly follow Basava, accept Vedic literature, and "worship idols of Lord Shiva." web 9 Veerashaivas further "owe allegiance to various religious centres (mutts while the Lingayats mostly follow their own gurus." web 9 History edit Main article. Basava would have been nothing more than a reviver of this religion which had existed from times immemorial." * Bairy: "Venkatrao, in 1919 the president of the Karnataka History Congress, mentions that many Lingayaths took objections to him mentioning Basava as the founder of Veerashaivism.


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